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1. What is CloseBuy and is it free?

CloseBuy App was created for users to Buy, Sell and Deliver items easily in their community and neighborhood using smart phones. Presently CloseBuy is a free App and does not charge Buyers or Sellers any fee for App usage. We do not charge sellers any fee for listing or commission for any item that is sold using the App.

2. Will CloseBuy publish any personal info?

No. The App only allows the Buyer to contact the Seller through email. We do not share any personal info between the users. Once the seller contacts the user via email, the buyer and sellers can establish further channel of communication to facilitate the transaction .

3. How does CloseBuy know my location?

After the app is installed from iOS or Android App Stores, it will request user permission for the App to share the Location. On granting that access, the app knows the geographical location of your phone and it will look for all items for sale up to 500 miles around your location. You have the Option to change that to 5 Miles, 20 Miles, 100 Miles by clicking the Settings Button (Wheel Icon) located in the top right hand side of the Buy Screen and selecting one of the Options. This will help you limit the search to your area of interest.

4. How do I reset my password?

You can reset the password by clicking “Forgot Password?” in the “Login with Email screen”. Once you click Forgot password, CloseBuy App will send you an email to your registered email with a link. This link will allow you to reset your password. Be sure to have a strong password (CloseBuy considers a strong password as eight characters with a combination of alphanumeric characters with at least 1 special character)

5. Why was my product rejected by CloseBuy?

You can buy and sell most everything on CloseBuy, with the exception of items prohibited under the Terms in the CloseBuy Website ( and CloseBuy App. Make sure you are not attempting to post something that is in our list of prohibited items or posting the same product repeatedly ,as those will be promptly rejected by the Closebuy Support team.

6. How can I find the products that I listed ?

Once you are successfully able to publish the item and it is not one of the items in the prohibited list, you can see the item listed on the “Buy” screen in your area/location. We recommend that you list an item for “Sale” when you are physically in that location as the App uses your mobile phone location to determine where you are located.

7. How does the “Deliver” feature work?

The “Deliver“ feature is meant for Buyers who need help in arranging a delivery partner that can bring heavy items to their home or want to maintain their privacy from Sellers. At present, our Delivery partners are only available in a few cities in the United States. You will see a Truck icon on the listed item if we have a delivery partner in the city where the item is listed for sale. In the future, we would be rolling out this feature to other cities. CloseBuy is by no means responsible for the safe delivery or safety of the item. That responsibility lies with the Seller, Buyer and any Delivery partner they choose to work with. CloseBuy will do its best to connect the Buyer, Seller and Delivery partner to one another.